Thursday, March 13, 2008

12.28.83 Pistons-Knicks: ride the moustache

Levingston vicious leaper

Isiah called for two palming violations and explaining to refs that in five years you won't be calling that.

Isiah two handed flush on break.


Vinnie actually looks like a Vinnie

John Long my theory of the set shot being more effective when you are open

2nd unit

sagging off sparrow

kent benson

bernard boxing out

jim karvellas excellent

dustin hoffman chilling

popcorn vendors

len elmore completely overmatched

once again, marvin webster ws at least 7'10"

hubie going ballistic "jesus christ"

grunfeld tough and skilled

isiah out of control

sneaker watch: air force

Laimbeer whining

ray williams hair was like a pre-gheri curl, like something out of the 1950s, like adolph caesar

john condon "the score is tied"

sparrow punching benson on backcourt pick

strong moves cartwright vinnie johnosn

truck robinson aging before our eyes

refs were better

grunfeld hesitating despite making three in a row because he was "out of his range"

bernard making everything

grunfeld leading the league in deadball rebounds after the whistle blows

dunks: cliff levingston with two monsters

tripucka goes crazy at the end
your final score:
111-108 pistons